Cupcakes have become a popular option for party desserts. They are portable, no plates and utensils needed, can be decorated to match party themes, and are easier to determine the number of servings you will have for your guests. They also make it easier to steal away a few for later. The cupcakes are available in three different sizes and all the same great flavors as the special-order cakes. They are the perfect blank canvas for your design ideas. Some of the unique cupcake options are the beautiful Cupcake Bouquet and the versatile Cupcake Buffet. The Cupcake Bouquet is 19 regular sized cupcakes covered in hand piped frosting flowers that will delight your guests. It’s hard to believe they’re not real flowers. The Cupcake Buffet is a display to represent your special party theme and can consist of multiple flavors, colors, or ideas. There’s no limit to the size of your display. Let us help you design a one-of-a-kind dessert presentation with lots of CUPCAKES!